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Experience Of Buying A Digital 3D Printer From China By Bits From Bytes

Jul 13, 2017



Many purchase managers must be troubling by this question when they have digital 3D printer purchase demands. There are so many digital 3D printer manufacturers from China who often boost their products to the top and best supplier, so we need sharper insight and experience to choose the most appreciate one for your company.

Here are some of my experiences to share with you.

First of all, choose the right platform. You must choose the right e-commerce platform which has a huge number of digital 3D printer manufacturers, provides instant reply to your inquiry, and exactly possesses the product details and price meeting your needs.

Secondly, also the most importantly, you need to know how to identify a excellent manufacturers and bravo products via thousands of listed companies. Hereby I suggest you to pay careful attention to the following points: 3D printing technology, accuracy, payment and after-sale service.For 3D printing, FDM, SLA, SLS, DLP and 3DP are the mainstream digital 3D printer technology. While for payment, you could choose the one offer the payment terms with little or limited risk for the digital 3D printer buyers. Last but not the least, the after sale service. What port does it deliver from? Will it be convenient for digital 3D printer maintenance and upgrade? Do they provide the speed up but reliable logistics with reasonable price?

Jiangsu Rich-Opto Technology Co., Ltd is an advanced desktop SLA laser digital 3D printer manufacturer from China. It provides high-end, high precision, high speed and high stability SLA 3D printing solutions for various industries, widely used in industrial design, jewelry manufacturing, dentistry, arts and education. Besides good performance in products, the good after-sale service they provide will wipe out your concerning of logistics and maintenance. They have very professional sales team and technician team which could be always at your service.