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Bulleit Offers 3D Printed Bars And Cocktails For The 18th Tribeca Film Festival

Apr 30, 2019

On April 24th, the 18th Tribeca Film Festival was officially opened in New York, USA. Originally created by Hollywood veteran movie star Robert De Niro and several other filmmakers, the festival mainly promotes the global film industry and the general audience's understanding of the vitality of film art through the activities of the film festival.


In order to let fans enjoy the joy of the Tribeca Film Festival and immerse themselves in technology, movies, music and cocktails, the Kentucky whisky company Bulleit, one of the film festival partners, set up a 3D printing bar. . It is understood that the bar is jointly created by Bulleit and design studio FAR frohn & rojas and 3D printing company Machine Histories.


Although no specific materials and construction details were disclosed, we can see from the picture that the entire bar is made up of scaffolding structures made by the SLS 3D printing process.In addition to the 3D printed bar, even the cocktails offered by the festival have added 3D printing elements. These cocktails feature a custom-made 3D printer that prints a drinkable suspension. People invited to the event can enjoy a delicious 3D printed cocktail while enjoying a delicious movie in the 3D printed bar. Sophie Kelly, senior vice president of Bulleit, said that the company is proud to be a partner of the Tribeca Film Festival, bringing 3D printed bars and wines to the fans for an amazing social and cultural experience.