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Awesome!the Largest 3D Printed Urban Landscape In China Debuts In Daqing

Dec 23, 2019

Recently, two sets of urban landscapes of "Following the Dream" and "Source Dream" appeared in the high-tech zone of Daqing City. It is understood that the main part of the sculpture was produced by the multi-dimensional space-time technology Co., Ltd., a local enterprise in the high-tech zone, using 3D printing technology, which is currently the largest 3D printing in China. city View.

The sculpture "Chasing Dreams" is located at the intersection of Century Avenue and Torch New Street in the high-tech zone. The main body is 19.48 meters long, 8.1 meters high, and 1.43 meters wide. The creative source of the sculpture is "We are all working hard, we are all dreamers". The iconic theme is text and sculpture. The sculpture part looks like a triangle arrow pointing to the core of the high-tech zone. The colors are red and white, and the colors are eye-catching, forming a guiding landscape.


3D printer building

The "Yuanmeng" sculpture is located at the turntable at the intersection of Daqing Torch New Street and Jianshe Road. The sculpture is composed of two cornerstones and the main body of the sculpture. The main body of the sculpture is 19.92 meters high, which means that the foundation of Daqing High-tech Zone was laid in 1992.


The creative source of the sculpture is "the cornerstone is the starting point of dream-hunting in Daqing Hi-tech Zone, but also the source of strength, but also the original intention and origin". The sculpture uses modern abstract art elements such as the four rings, track, time, hive and other meanings on the road to dream. Not forgetting the original intention, moving forward, relay race, fulfilling the mission, more than 3000 irregular "honeycomb" pores of the main body are completed using 3D printing technology, LED lights are inlaid in the surrounding and inner holes, and the core area of Daqing's economic transformation is displayed with high technology Historical mission.