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Application Status of 3D Printing

Nov 30, 2018

3D printing relies on cutting-edge technologies in many disciplines, including at least three major technologies: information technology, precision machinery and material science.Combined with numerical control processing, casting, metal cold spraying, silicone mold and other manufacturing methods, it has been applied in aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, home appliances, biomedicine and other fields, and occupies a unique position in engineering and teaching research and other application fields.Specific application areas include at least the following.


Biomedicine: used to make artificial bones, teeth, hearing AIDS, artificial limbs, etc.

Aerospace, national defense military: used for the direct manufacture of complex shape, fine size, special performance of parts.

Consumer goods: jewelry, clothing, shoes, toys, creative DIY works of design and manufacturing.


Cultural creativity and digital entertainment: artistic expression through the design of works with complex shapes and structures and special materials.3d-printed violins are close to craftsmanship.


Industrial manufacturing: used for product conceptual design, prototyping, product review and functional verification;Make mould prototype, print mould directly, even print product directly.3D printing of small unmanned aircraft, small cars and other concept products have come out.3D printed models of household appliances are also used in the promotion and marketing activities of enterprises.


Building engineering: wind experiment and effect display of building model, construction simulation of building engineering.


Education: print models to verify scientific hypotheses for experiments and teaching in different disciplines.3D printing has been used for teaching and research in some middle schools, universities and military academies in North America.