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Application of 3D Printing in BMW Auto Parts

May 09, 2020

BMW has long used metal 3D printing technology to produce auto parts; in the past 10 years, BMW has 3D printed more than 1 million auto parts. This year, the BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center will produce more than 200,000 parts, an increase of 42% year-on-year.

 3D Printing in BMW Auto Parts

Dr. Jens Ertel, director of the BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center, revealed that BMW is significantly increasing the number of 3D printed parts on the car, and has conducted research on targeted additive manufacturing technologies and production methods. The latest application is the 3D printing of the window guide of the BMW i8 Roadster, which is also the 1 millionth car part produced by 3D printing. With the efficient iteration of 3D printing, the new window guide took only five days to develop and was quickly put into mass production at the BMW Leipzig plant.

 3D printing technology

3D printed window guide

It is reported that the new window guide rails are manufactured using HP MultiJet Fusion technology, which is derived from the deep cooperation between BMW and HP; Prior to this, BMW i8 Roadster has used 3D printed soft top fixing brackets made of aluminum alloy-the new brackets are lighter than previous plastic brackets, and maintain good strength, adapting to the needs of lightweight performance models.

 Workers install window guides for BMW i8 Roadster

Not only top-end performance models, Volkswagen Mini also launched a customizable MINI Yours Customized program, allowing consumers to design specific accessories, including dashboards, door frames, lamp decorations, etc., and then 3D print personalized parts according to specifications . In this way, everyone's Mini car is almost different. Mini once again achieved the goal of letting everyone drive their own beloved car.

 Mini supports personalized 3D printed car accessories

3D printing technology has been widely used in automobile manufacturing.

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