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Application of 3D Printing in Basketball Shoes

May 21, 2020

Ten years ago, Chinese sports brands were once branded as plagiarism. In the past few years, several domestic companies have started to stand up. Each of these famous companies has taken a different path, like Anta was so bold that he continued to expand his scale through acquisitions, and Li Ning was recognized by people through design. As for today's protagonist Peak,it relies on the power of technology and the importance of giving advice to consumers. In recent years, it can be regarded as a dark horse.



Without saying anything else, let ’s take a look at the photo of the 3D basketball shoe we are going to talk about today.

   3D basketball shoe

The appearance is an absolute burst, with a camouflage pattern printed on it, the appearance is very avant-garde sci-fi, all shoes are made with 3D printing technology, the shoes are designed with high tops, and are used in places that require special protection such as midsoles, outsoles, necklines a piece of material is provided to provide rigid protection. As for the other parts of the upper, the hexagonal hollow design is used, and the midsole part still uses the iconic hollow shape of 3D technology, so it seems that the protected place is protected, and there is a place that needs ventilation. Breathable, solves the problem of basketball shoes bulky and dull feet.

basketball shoe printed by 3D printer


The advantage of 3D printing is to build a model based on each person's different feet, and then enter the data into the machine so that each person's different feet can create the most perfect fit.

 The advantage of 3D printing

When the epidemic was serious, Peak used 3D printing technology to make a lot of small parts for improved masks to solve the problems of first-line medical staff "masking ears" and "pressing the face".3D printing technology has been further extended.

 3D printing improved mask widgets


Finally, let's go back to 3D printed shoes. This pair of shoes is still very playable in terms of color scheme, and if you want to wear a pair of shoes that are breathable, personalized and equipped with new technology this summer, this pair of shoes will satisfy you!

3D printing shoes

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