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Application of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry

May 29, 2020

Nowadays, users' demands for automobiles are becoming more and more diversified. Manufacturers have different changes in the shape and performance of automobiles, so non-standard parts are also used more and more. The importance of these parts is related to the performance of the car and even the safety of the driver. But most of these parts will not be formed at one time, requiring one, two, or even hundreds of thousands of changes. There are even some parts, which are inconvenient for direct machining, and the cost of mold opening is too high, which brings great inconvenience to designers and product costs. The emergence of 3D printing technology has solved this problem very well. In addition to highly customized production to meet individual needs, 3D printing technology can also be used to produce very complex products. This means that 3D printing may have a significant impact on heavy industries such as automobiles and manufacturing.

 Application of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry

3D printing breakthrough in the automotive field, body printing

In the automotive field, a foreign start-up company used 3D printing technology to make cars and achieved quite good results. The company designed Strati, the world's first 3D printed electric car. 75% of car parts, from the chassis to the body, are 3D printed, using carbon fiber reinforced ABS plastic. It only takes two months from the initial design to the final prototype, which fully illustrates how to use 3D printing technology to shorten the time to market.

As a well-known automobile company, BMW Group has now integrated 10,000 3D printed parts into the production of its models, claiming that such new technologies will shorten production time and achieve more economical production in the automobile manufacturing industry.

 3D printer car parts

In addition, in the rapid prototyping industry, 3D printing has also been widely used. The 3D printing technology has been maturely applied to the auto parts industry. The main products are engine block, engine cylinder head, transmission housing, clutch housing, new energy Customized accessories such as water-cooled motor housings.

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