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Apex Hero----Evil Spirit Dagger, Home-made By Player

May 18, 2019

On Facebook today, an overseas player, the Punished Props Academy, released a video about the homemade "Apex Hero" "Evil Dagger". Let's take a look!


The "Dharma Dagger" is the most advanced heirloom item in "Apex Hero", which players can get out of the box. In the video we can see that he has recorded in detail the whole process of making "bad spirit daggers" using 3D printing technology. In order to increase the strength of the prop, he used a 3D printing mold to inject the liquid material to solidify.


In addition to "Apex Heroes", in his channel, there are also videos related to making various props in the game, such as Cyber Punk 2077 and Landless Land. The final product is very restored. It stems from his love for the game.


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