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Analysis of 3D Printing Industrial Chain

Jan 29, 2018

3D printing almost 40-year development endows it a complete perfect industrial chain, that is: basic accessory industry; 3D printer and printing consumable material manufacturing industry and its relative industries; 3D printing application industry. Each  link of this chain integerates with a large number of excellent enterprise of its own field.

As for basic accessory industry, it includes the below accessories: control board, electric motor, chips, printhead(or laser or UV LED, etc), metal frame, and shell of 3D printers. This industry are linked but sometimes dependent with 3D printing industry.

In terms of the 2nd part, 3D printer manufacturers, Stratasys and 3D Systems as their representatives, play a dominant role in this 3D printing industrial chain. These enterprises have the absolute power of discourse for their high contribution in providing 3D printers and consumable material. However, the 3D printing consumable material has many catagories: ABS, photosentive resin, metal powder and ceramic material, and they are corresponding to the FDM, SLA and DLP, SLS 3D printing technology. Besides, colored plaster, bio material and food material have already been applied to 3D printing industry.

Since 1980s, 3D printing industry has been gaining a lots of attentions and progress. So as its application industries. At present, it has been widely applied to manufacturing, jewelry, medical, education, aerospace, miltatry, animation, consumables, etc. 

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