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American Celebrity, Bam Margera Creats His Own Brand, And Provides 3D Printed Jewelry Services

Apr 27, 2019

Born in Pennsylvania, Bam Margera has multiple identities as professional skaters, stunt performers, filmmakers, musicians and television celebrities.


In 2016, the versatile Bam transformed into a jewelry and apparel designer and created a brand named after him. Currently, Bam has purchased 3D printing equipment and began selling unique metal 3D printed rings and pendants on his official website BamMerch. These ornaments are made in Estonia. In the production process, 3D printing of pure silver materials is selected, and then polished through 10 processes.

These accessories include three heart-shaped pendants intertwined, as well as skull rings and more. The design looks more fashionable. In addition, prices are also relatively close to the people, with average prices ranging from $17 to $149. At present, Bam's 3D printed metal jewelry is popular among local young people.