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Advantages And Application Of Resin 3D Printer

Nov 20, 2019

There are many advantages to using a UV laser 3D printer compared to other methods such as injection molding or machining. Some of these advantages include:

   Advantages of Resin 3D Printer

      • The construction of prototypes or parts has excellent accuracy.

      • No change for each part

      • Can produce clear features up to 0.3mm in size

      • The outer surface is the smoothest of any manufacturing type

      • A wide variety of resins that can be used

      • The desktop SLA printer can manage the product to reach the size of the fist, and the size of the large 3D printer is not limited.


      In addition, due to technical advantages, resin 3D printers can also surpass FDM 3D printers. A 3D object is created in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) by depositing a bundle of molten filaments extruded layer by layer from a hot extruder. In this way, the resolution of the FDM 3D printer is affected by motor accuracy, nozzle size, X/Y axis motion, and many other factors. However, resin 3D printers can provide higher resolution objects because their accuracy depends on the spot size of the laser or projector - it is really small. 

The advantages of resin 3D printers over FDM 3D printers can be summarized as follows:


      • Rapid prototyping at a faster rate with an average speed of 0.3-0.7 in / h

      • High precision printing with precise detail

      • Mechanically isotropic parts

      • Fewer post-processing steps required

      • Plug and play for all SLA printers


3D printer resin

      Resin 3D printers offer so much versatility that every industry can benefit from using 3D resin printing. Some current methods of using this type of printing include:

 Application of resin 3D printer

      • Prototype and engineering design. All industries have found the benefits of using 3D resin printers as part of their R&D department. Prototypes and ideas can be implemented in ways that were not possible in the near future.


      •education. Adding educational 3D printers to schools has many benefits. Students can not only learn 3D printing technology, but also learn engineering, design, and learning from the student assistants created by the printer.


      • Manufacturing. Manufacturing companies have found that there are many benefits to being able to create tools, small molds and other ancillary tools from 3D printers.


      • Dental. With 3D printing, the dental industry has made significant advances in tooth replacement technology.


      • Entertainment. The entertainment industry has found that there are many different uses for making props using 3D printing technology.


      • Jewelry. The new trend in 3D printing is to create custom jewelry. The jewelry produced is very beautiful because of the ability to make such fine prints.

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