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3D Technology in Dentistry

Dec 19, 2018

Dentistry is about diagnosis, prevention and treatment for diseases of teeth, including endodontic disease, tooth extraction,dental restoration,dental orthodontics, etc.


        Dental Restoration                           Dental Orthodontics

3D Technology in Dental Restoration

Common classifications of dental restoration include veneer, inlay, implanting, etc.Restoration materials include metal, ceramic,high polymer materials, etc.


3D Technology in Dental Restoration----Porcelain Teeth


                                         Traditional Hand-made Production Process

                  Teeth                                  Scanning                     CAD Design


        3D Printing                      Veneering         Procelain        Wearing teeth     Final effect

                                                 3D Digital Production Process 

3D Digital Production Process

3D Technology in Dental Restoration----Implant Denture

Implant denture commonly consists of implant, implant abutment,upper structure. The materials needed include metal, ceramic,etc.


3D Technology in Dental Restoration----Dental Orthodontics


              Traditional orthodontic                                            Adelomorphic

Braces for dental orthodontics will be replaced continuously according to the process of orthodontic treatment.About 26 to 40 pairs of braces will be replaced within the whole treatment for a common patient.26 to 40 pairs of 3D printed teeth models are also needed. With the improvement of material performance, printing teeth models will be transformed to printing teeth braces.