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3D Printing Resin Rapid Development Of Technology

Jun 01, 2017

3D Printing Resin In recent years, 3D printing technology has developed rapidly, and has opened up new production mode for manufacturing. 3D printing materials as the basis of 3D printing technology, has been included in the new materials Thirteen-Five planning focus on development.

Light curing technology and photosensitive resin as the most mature part of 3D printing technology, molded products have the highest molding precision and speed, can be applied in many fields.

In the current rapid prototyping process, 3D Printing Resin photo-curing molding with photosensitive resin has been widely used because of its high automatization, good surface quality, high dimensional precision, and fine size forming in the molding process. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, automobile, electric appliance, art and medical, etc. in the communication of conceptual design, 3D Printing Resin small batch precision manufacturing, product model, etc.

In August 2002, a children's hospital in the University of California in the United States performed a separate operation on the 1-year-old Guatemalan head conjoined baby. Before the operation, the model of the skull structure of the conjoined infant was fabricated by light curing 3D printing, and a detailed surgical study was carried out, and the head separation of the conjoined infant was successfully completed after 22 hours of operation.

In precision casting, the three-dimensional resin mold produced by the SLA process can replace the wax mold for crust, remove the resin mold when the shell is roasted, and the hollow shell can be used to cast a high-precision model. 3D Printing Resin The obtained alloy castings with good surface finish can be used directly as the cavity of injection mold and shorten the process of mold making.

The use of liquid resin light curing 3D printing technology for the production of flexo printing, can give full play to the advantages of liquid light curing 3D printing technology, the process is relatively simplified, reducing environmental pollution.

October 8, 2015, Japan's Coca-Cola Company (Kuraray) announced the development of a combination of curing and softness of the light-cured elastomer. The material can be used as binder, coating material and molding material by controlling the molecular weight and arrangement of the light cured part and elastomer part.

Light cured 3D printing technology and photosensitive resin materials will continue to play an important role in health care, product models and other areas, 3D Printing Resin and will also be in the automotive, education, art and other fields to further emerge. Because the light curing technology is developing towards the higher precision micro-nanometer scale, the technology will have a great application prospect in MEMS fabrication. However, 3D Printing Resin the problem of the toxicity and odor of most photosensitive resins should be solved further, and the precision and performance of the molded products have a great improvement space. With the development of the "China made 2025" strategy, 3D printing technology and materials, including light curing technology and photosensitive resin, will inject powerful impetus into the rapid transformation of China's manufacturing industry.