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3D Printing Resin Of The Parts

Jul 10, 2017

3D Printing Resin Three different resin 3D printing materials are used in the manufacture of 3D Printing Resin the engine model in which the parts that need to be trimmed and screwed in the final assembly are printed with a transparent resin material and the engine holder and the belt are made of a resilient resin Printed. The material required for the support frame in the engine model is aluminum alloy, 3D Printing Resin and the designer uses the 3D printing die + casting method to manufacture the part. The master mold for casting is printed by a dedicated resin-based 3D printing material. After printing out the designer to provide it to a local casting plant, the aluminum alloy support frame manufacturing.

The engine model includes a total of 250 parts, 3D Printing Resin the designer has five batches of 3D printing, a total of 45 hours. After the printing is complete, it is necessary to carry out the post-processing of the parts, including removing the support structure generated during the 3D printing process, refining the micropores in the parts, grinding and painting the prints. After the completion of the post-processing, 3D Printing Resin the designer spent four hours to complete the engine assembly.

Porsche car enthusiasts use 3D printing equipment to quickly manufacture automotive engine model experience, but also for the automotive manufacturing enterprises in the field of design and development of reference. In the car's R & D work, designers need to re-verify the design of new products, 3D Printing Resin verification process often need to create a new product prototype. 3D printing technology by virtue of the small batch manufacturing in the speed and cost advantages, and become an important tool for rapid prototyping products. Some of the world's leading automotive manufacturers in the field of rapid prototyping products widely used in 3D printing technology. For example, Ford has set up five 3D print prototyping centers worldwide, producing more than 20,000 prototype parts per year, 3D Printing Resin and BMW's Munich Research and Innovation Center, which produces about 25,000 3D print parts prototypes each year.

3D printing equipment manufacturers and materials companies for the rapid prototyping and small batch production areas, the development of a variety of print materials. 3D Printing Resin For example, Carbon 3D, Formlabs, MadeSolid, MakerJuice, and many of the 3D printing companies or materials manufacturers that manufacture Porsche Engine models are vulnerable to desktop 3D printing, 3D Printing Resin Easy to break and crack the problem, the introduction of a more tough, durable resin, and some resin materials can be on the standard ABS plastic injection molded parts performance, some resin materials in the strength and elongation between the balance achieved, so that 3D printing Prototype products have better impact resistance and strength. 3D Printing Resin In addition to rigid resins, 3D printing companies have introduced 3D printing resin materials for investment casting, 3D Printing Resin as well as flexible or flexible resin 3D printing materials needed to manufacture hinges and friction devices, 3D Printing Resin making it easier for manufacturers to choose more types of materials The