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3D Printing Resin Material

Aug 24, 2017

3D printing resin material for the photosensitive resin for high-resolution micro-casting of the photosensitive resin, such as medicine, jewelry design materials can be used for ultra-high resolution high-end dewaxing casting, making the product has fine details, suitable for the production of jewelry, Small medical and electrical equipment. With high standard performance characteristics, accuracy and resolution.

Used in aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and other models manufacturing casting, for the manufacture of solid, accurate and waterproof components of the photosensitive resin.

Photosensitive resin, which is composed of a polymer monomer and a prepolymer, in which a light (ultraviolet light) initiator (or a photosensitizer) is added. In a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light (2500 ~ 300nm) irradiation can immediately cause the polymerization reaction to complete the curing. Photosensitive resin is generally liquid, can be used to produce high strength, high temperature, waterproof material. Common photosensitive resin has somos NEXT material, resin somos11122 material, somos19120 material and epoxy resin.

1.Somos NEXT material for the white material, class PC new materials, toughness is very good, the basic can achieve a selective laser sintering (SLS, selective laser sintering) produced nylon material performance, and precision and surface quality better. Somos NEXT materials have the best components of the rigidity and toughness, while maintaining the light-cured three-dimensional modeling materials exquisite workmanship, size and appearance of the advantages of beautiful, mainly used in automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics and other fields.

2.somos11122 material looks more like a real transparent plastic, with excellent waterproof and dimensional stability, can provide, including ABS and PBT, including a variety of similar characteristics of engineering plastics, these features make it very suitable for use in cars, Medical and electronics products.

3.somos19120 material for the pink material, is a casting special materials. After molding can be directly replaced by precision casting wax film prototype, to avoid the risk of developing molds, greatly shorten the cycle, with low ashes and high precision and so on.

4. Epoxy resin is a convenient laser rapid prototyping resin, which contains very low ash content (800 ℃ residual ash content <0.01%), can be used for fused silica and alumina high temperature shell system, and not Containing heavy metal antimony, can be used to manufacture extremely sophisticated rapid casting mold.