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3D Printing Resin Light Curing Technology

Nov 01, 2017

Light curing technology and photosensitive resin is the most mature part of 3D printing technology, 3D printing resin molding products with the highest molding accuracy and speed, has been applied in many areas.

In the current rapid prototyping process, the photocurable material of the 3D printing resin photocurable resin has the characteristics of high degree of automation of molding process, good manufacturing surface quality, high dimensional precision, and more finer molding. Extensive application. Widely used in aviation, automotive, electronics, art, medicine and other industries, such as the concept of design exchange, 3D printing resin small batch precision manufacturing, product model.

August 2002, the University of California Children's Hospital, USA conducted a separation surgery first-year-old Guatemalanian baby, and preoperative hospital conjoined infant skull incision model began a detailed surgical procedure study, 3 d print resin last 22 Hour of surgery successfully completed the separation of Siamese baby's head.

In precision casting, the three-dimensional resin mold made by the SLA process can replace the wax mold with the shell, remove the resin mold when the shell is fired, and obtain a hollow shell for casting a high-precision model. 3D printing resin alloy casting surface finish is good, can be directly as injection mold cavity, shorten the molding process.

The use of liquid resin light curing 3D printing technology to produce flexible printing, you can better play the advantages of liquid light curing 3D printing technology, the process is relatively simple, 3D printing resin to reduce environmental pollution.

Light-curing 3D printing technology and photosensitive resin materials will continue to play an important role in medical, product model and other aspects, but also in the automotive, 3D printing resin education, art and other areas to further cut out the eye-catching graphics. With the development of light curing technology towards more accurate micro-nano scale development, 3D printing resin technology will have a broad prospect in the field of micro-machine manufacturing.

However, most of the photosensitive resin raw materials toxicity and odor need to be further resolved, the accuracy and performance of mold products have a lot of room for improvement. 3D printing resin "Made in China 2025", 3D printing resin, including light curing technology and photosensitive resin, including 3D printing technology and materials, 3D printing resin will promote the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry into a powerful driving force.