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3D Printing Resin Interesting Use

Jun 28, 2017

3D Printing Resin This new material has a number of interesting uses in the manufacture and casting of the material. Because they are temporarily supported or used as casting models for other materials, they only need to be irradiated with light from the liquid into a solid, 3D Printing Resin which can be quickly dissolved in a few minutes, requiring only warm water.

This water-soluble material can be used in a wide range of applications such as SLA, DLP, inkjet and powder processing, and the use of 3d printers can replace the entire wax mold, 3D Printing Resin and wax for investment casting and the oldest known metal forming technology has exceeded 5000 years of history.

Carl Wang of Bucktown Polymers says "ROR" or Rinse Out Resin, 3D Printing Resin which is used as a substitute for resin or wax mold in casting, 3D Printing Resin can completely shorten the overall manufacturing time of the article. In the past usually takes 8-12 hours of burning, 3D Printing Resin and can not completely remove the wax or resin, 3D Printing Resin and now ROR will reduce the time of this process to a few minutes

ROR will not evaporate the organic mixture, 3D Printing Resin in the UV lamp, LED or laser irradiation can quickly cure. Its low viscosity, smell light, in hot water can quickly dissolve.

(1) printing process using light modeling (SLA) technology, 3D Printing Resin the use of materials is UV curing resin. Specific operation, the liquid UV curing resin into the resin tank, the resin surface to the UV laser. Welcome to visit the network for more information.

A cured layer having a thickness of 10 to 30 m can be obtained by irradiating an ultraviolet laser. After the first layer is cured, the reticular metal plate supporting the bottom of the resin molded body is lifted to a height of 10 to 30 m corresponding to the curing height (Note: the resin molded body is deposited downwards), and then the surface portion of the resin liquid is irradiated with ultraviolet rays Laser, manufacturing a second layer of curing layer. 3D Printing Resin By repeatedly irradiating the ultraviolet laser light until the cured layer is stacked to the desired height. After the stacking is completed, the resin molded body having the desired component shape is completed.


After the molding is completed, 3D Printing Resin the resin molded body on each plate is lifted from the resin tank one by one by the robot mounted on the ceiling and placed on the stage.


Then enter (2) the cleaning process. 3D Printing Resin The process has four cleaning tanks, each cleaning tank size is enough to clean two resin molded body. 3D Printing Resin The resin molded body on each of the flat plates is lifted from the first cleaning tank to the fourth cleaning tank by the small vertical multi-joint robot from the stage. Thereby removing the excess resin liquid adhering to the resin molded body.


After completion of cleaning, 3D Printing Resin turn into (3) hardening process. This is a step of irradiating the resin molded body with ultraviolet laser light again, and improving the hardness and strength. 3D Printing Resin The vertical multi-joint robot grinds the molded body after cleaning on each plate and puts it into the ultraviolet light oven. After the hardness and strength are adjusted by this process, 3D Printing Resin the resin parts are finally finished.