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3D Printing of Wood Consumables for Pure Wood Printing

Jul 19, 2019

3D printing materials are becoming more and more abundant, metal printing, ceramic printing, concrete printing and so on. A few days ago, researchers at Columbia University developed a new 3D printing consumable, wood printing.

3D Printing of Wood Consumables


Wood 3D printing is a big difficulty to rebuild the texture inside the wood. To solve this problem, Columbia University engineers used voxel mapping to create objects with rich internal structures. They used a 3D scanner to understand the growth structure inside the wood to mimic the internal structure of the wood. Engineers used a special technique called destructive tomography.

Wood 3D printing


Scientists from Michigan developed a technology last year that can use 3D printing of wood wool made from wood waste! Recycled wood may be the next solution for printing wood projects. Through four different steps, scientists have successfully created a consumable made of wood waste and PLA plastic. To this end, the wood waste is converted into a powder, which is then heated with PLA pellets. Once the consumables are cooled, the mixture solidifies. This is the process by which Michigan scientists make the whole process of wood wool.

3d Printed Wood Wool


Research on 3D printed materials is to broaden the usefulness of 3D printing. Design and manufacturing are progressing and developing every day. Developing new 3D printed materials with new attributes will help increase human productivity.

3D Printed Product with Wood Wool