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3D Printing Large-scale Artwork In Dubai Using 30000 Water Bottles As Raw Materials

Dec 10, 2019

The Middle East Architecture Network (MEAN) installed a 3D printed artwork at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The biggest highlight of the artwork is that the materials used are from 30,000 recycled water bottles.

This unique structure is called "Deciduous", a term in the field of botany that describes seasonally falling trees. The purpose is to show a new form of interaction that reexamines the relationship between humans and nature.

3D printing art-1

The Middle East Architecture Network is led by architect and founder Riyad Joucka, who is experienced in developing complex structures, facades and building technologies.

In the process of creating Deciduous, the Middle East Architecture Network partnered with Ai Build, a large 3D printer provider in London, and Besix 3D, a construction company based in Dubai, to print this structure using concrete additive manufacturing equipment. The structure includes many connected stalks, mostly made of PETG material and plastic polymers recovered from 30,000 discarded water bottles.

3D printing art-2

The artwork follows Dubai's vision for 2025 that at least 25% of the city's new buildings will be made with additive manufacturing. Earlier this year, Ai Build further partnered with Dubai-based 3D Printing Services Authority 3DVinci Creations to distribute Ai Build's "Factory as a Service" within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), furthering Dubai's vision.

Dubai is very concerned about building additive manufacturing. Last month, the Dubai Municipal Government launched a 640-square-meter 3D printed building project in Al Warsan, up to 9.5 meters, which was named the world's largest 3D printing by Guinness World Records Two-tier structure.

Prior to this, XtreeE, a large 3D printing company in Paris, announced that it has partnered with Concrete, a 3D printing company based in UAE, to open a new 3D printing production unit in Dubai. In addition, ACCIONA, a Spanish conglomerate dedicated to infrastructure management, has established a new global 3D printing center in Dubai to meet the growing demand for 3D printing infrastructure.