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3D Printing Key Caps to Meet the Needs of Young People to Pursue Personalized

Jul 30, 2019

We need to use the keyboard in our daily work every day. Many young people who pursue individuality like the feel of mechanical keyboards. Of course, they also show their personality through different keycaps. The keycaps made by the traditional CNC process have higher cost due to the small number of batches produced. Therefore, the price of the keycaps on the market is often above 200, and some of the unique shapes are even as high as 5-6 yuan.

3D Printing Personalized Key Caps

At this time, the advantages of 3D printing are highlighted.Using high-precision resin materials, the printing cost of a single keycap can even be controlled within 5 yuan. With a simple post-processing, a unique and unique keycap is formed. Some local tyrants who care about the feel of the keycaps can also manufacture various customized metal keycaps through 3D printing.

3D Printing key Caps

At present, it is mainly used to create a sterling silver keycap by means of lost wax casting. Wax materials are printed on high precision 3D printers. The waxy model is then placed in a container where the liquid gypsum is poured and covered to cover the wax pattern. When the gypsum solidifies, the mold is taken out and placed in a furnace to melt the wax material, and the remaining gypsum portion becomes a mold. Then, the molten jewelry metal is poured into the gypsum mold, and the metal is solidified, and finally the gypsum portion is crushed and removed.

Compared with the traditional CNC traditional process, this method is controllable and has a variety of shapes. It can also choose the shape itself and greatly accelerate the production cycle. At the same time, a key cap cast in sterling silver, compared with the alloy key cap of the CNC process, is also very competitive in price.

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SLA 3D Printer Model-1_眸目压缩

SLA 3D Printer Model-5

SLA 3D Printer Model-4