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3D Printing Grows Fast Globally, with More and More Recognition from Market

Sep 22, 2017

Impacted by the factors of desktop personal 3D printing demands, widespread industrial application,national policy support and key patents, 3D printing is getting more and more recognition and the market scale of 3D printing is widen. 

As for the desktop personal 3D printing, the personal consumption on desktop SLA 3D printers is increasing as customization and AI prevail. With a desktop SLA 3D printer, a more customized,fun and complex object could be made to satisfy the individual needs in applications of jewelry industry, industry, education and research, art, etc.

In terms of industrial 3D printing,the metal 3D printing, namely SLS 3D printing, is widely used in industrial manufacture.It will be further developed in a large scale in the near future.

National policy supports 3D printing company to further advance and upgrade their machines and meterials from the aspects of funds,allowance, organization and so on.

Most importantly, 3D printing makes many breakthrough in technology and do optimization. Many new patents emerge to help 3D printing go further.