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3D Printing Glasses, You Deserve to Own

Jul 31, 2019

People wearing glasses often find it hard to feel that glasses are perfectly appropriate, and 3D printing allows customers to try different frames, adjust products and change opinions, just as luxury jewelry manufacturers let you test wax rings before they are manufactured. This technology is low price, fast and accurate. This shows that high-end technology can not only help artists, but also provide better products for end users.

The three steps of custom-made glasses´╝Üchoose the frame, manually scan, and make glasses.

choose the frame

manually scan

make glasses

Netlooks is a Nancy-based startup with concept stores in France, Belgium and Canada. Its frames can also be purchased at independent optical shops in France. The company's goal is to create a "hand-made, privately-customized" framework, from patterns, colors, frames and exterior shapes, styles, to almost any texture. To achieve this goal, the company has adopted a three-step process for its customers. First, select the desired glasses model; next, Netlooks scans the customer's face features to find the right size and invites them to try to test the model; finally, the company provides customers with hand-made glasses in precise form.


It turns out that this process is time consuming and expensive for a company, and each store requires more than 200 test models to sell its framework. According to reports, the internal processing of its three-step process will cost Netlooks more than 1,000 hours of work time for more than a dozen craftsmen. So, in response to the huge demand for test models, Netlooks worked with Sculpteo on 3D printing instead of in-house production.

3D printing reduces manual labor

Sculpteo's 3D printing model helps Netlook check shape measurements and the comfort of every part of the frame by using interchangeable parts to customize the size of the face and frame and temples. The test frame uses SLS technology for 3D printing in nylon PA12 because of its post-processing characteristics that allow the model to be finished with high quality.

Check shape

3D printing technology enables us to achieve the accuracy required to quickly create any type of frame at a low price, while at the same time achieving environmental protection.