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3D Printing Dot Matrix Structure Performance

Dec 04, 2018

Dot matrix materials have received attention due to their advantages in thermal, electrical and optical properties, as well as potential lightweight materials. The dot matrix structure opens a door for the different appearance and performance of the components. The inherent complexity of the lattice structure makes the additive manufacturing 3D printing technology have a natural connection with its manufacture. One of the great advantages of 3D printing is that flexibility and printing costs are not sensitive to product complexity, which is the main reason why complex dot matrix structures have become a hot research direction in 3D printing.


Excellent Strength---Weight Ratio

There are usually two ways to improve the strength-weight ratio of the part. In traditional manufacturing, the use of materials is reduced by reducing materials in non-critical areas to reduce weight. The dot matrix design can simultaneously reduce the material in the critical areas of the part to reduce the weight. This sometimes reduces the overall strength of the part, but it can increase the strength- weight ratio.

Extra Large Surface Area

The lattice structure material is not only lightweight, but also releases a large amount of surface area, which promotes heat exchange and chemical reactions. The dot matrix structure can significantly increase the effective surface area, and if the radiator is filled with cold air, it can also quickly remove heat.


Excellent Shock And Impact Protection

Dot matrix can also protect products by better absorbing energy. For example, the sneaker midsole and the football helmet cushioning structure with a small array structure can absorb the impact force to protect the safety when subjected to an external force.


Ideal For Vibration Absorption And Noise Reduction

Noise and vibration are unpleasant, and sometimes vibration can even degrade machine performance. The dot matrix produced by additive can also reduce mechanical noise and vibration. Due to its low stiffness and its ability to withstand and recover large strains, the lattice is effective in suppressing vibration.