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3D Printer Widely Used

Jun 15, 2017

3D printing has become a trend, and began to be widely used in the design field, especially industrial design, digital products, 3D Printer such as mold, you can complete a few hours in a mold print, saving a lot of products from development to market time.

3D printers can use three kinds of raw materials to print three-dimensional model, the use of 3D-aided design software, engineers design a model or prototype, regardless of the design of a house or artificial heart valve, and then through the company's 3D printer to print, 3D Printer print Of the raw materials can be organic or inorganic materials, such as rubber, plastic, different printer manufacturers to provide different print material.

A printer, which is a kind of machine based on a digital model file, which uses a metal or plastic material such as a powdery metal or plastic, to construct an object by way of layer by layer printing. In the past, it was often used in the field of mold making, industrial design and other fields, and is now being used for the direct manufacture of some products.

In particular, some high-value applications (such as hip or teeth, or some aircraft parts) have been printed using this technology. "3D printing" means the popularity of this technology.

3D printing is usually done using a digital technology material printer. The production and sales of this printer have been greatly increased since the twenty-first century, and the price is declining year by year.

3D printing from more than 100 years ago, 3D Printer photographic sculpture and geomorphic forming technology, 80s of last century has been embryonic form, the scientific name of "rapid prototyping." Its principle is: the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, the machine will be in accordance with the procedures to build a layer of products. Print out the product, can be used immediately.

3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer, is a cumulative manufacturing technology, by printing layers of adhesive material to create three-dimensional objects. At this stage the three-dimensional printer is used to make the sample. Since 2003, sales of three-dimensional printers have gradually expanded and prices have begun to decline. The technology can be used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, 3D Printer geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many other areas.

The 3D printer works like this: Use CAD software to create items if you have ready-made models, such as animal models, people, or miniature buildings.

And then through the SD card or USB USB drive to copy it to the 3D printer, the print settings, the printer can print them out, the structure of the decomposition of the structure as follows.

The working principle of the 3D printer is basically the same as that of the traditional printer. It is composed of control components, mechanical components, 3D Printer print head, consumable and medium. The printing principle is the same. 3D printer is mainly in the printing before the computer designed a complete three-dimensional model, and then print output.

3D printing and laser molding technology, using a layered processing, superimposed molding to complete 3D physical printing. Each layer of the printing process is divided into two steps, first in the need to shape the area of spraying a layer of special glue, glue droplets itself is very small, and difficult to spread.

And then spray a layer of uniform powder, the powder encountered glue will quickly curing the bond, and no glue area remains loose. So that in a layer of glue a layer of powder alternately, the solid model will be "printed" shape, after printing as long as the removal of loose powder can "plan" out of the model, and the remaining powder can be recycled.