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3D Printer The Rapid Development Of Technology

Jul 10, 2017

With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, 3D printing technology can be said to escape, omnipotent, 3D print to create a design, manufacturing a new era. 3D Printer For product designers, 3D printing is the hands of their design tool, broaden and release the designer's imagination, to achieve a fast verification design concept, to meet both want to play the product design experience. For R & D enterprises, "3D Printer time is money, design is life", 3D printing applications not only help enterprises to quickly achieve product design verification, to help companies explore and find market demand, but also reduce the enterprise product development cycle and cost, 3D Printer The competitiveness of enterprises and products in the market.

Today we focus on exploring the next 3D printing technology in the animation game industry, 3D Printer the application of the game, the game animation market is huge, animation game enthusiasts of the consumer behavior is staggering, a good game model want to get the favor of consumers, 3D Printer in addition to "Shape rhyme both" shape, the game animation of the IP gene will play a decisive role; excellent game content will inevitably attract users, and "rhyme both" animation game model is bound to attract consumers willingly Pay. So the application of 3D printing for the animation game company opened up a "excellent IP + model print + fan effect" of the industrial chain, "3D printing + fan economy" model to promote the 3D model industry development.

Industrial 3D printer

1. Platform, intelligent, systematic. The future of the industrial form must be a platform for the trend, is the integration of many advanced manufacturing technology development, 3D printing is no exception.

2. The traditional manufacturing industry's comprehensive penetration and coverage, but only the production process and production process in a link application.

3. With the progress of technology, 3D Printer stability, precision will no longer be difficult, the material can be a comprehensive breakthrough

4. After the cost reduction, will take the lead in the casting, 3D Printer mold and other industries a comprehensive penetration, 3D Printer and in other areas have been widely promoted

5. Print speed will be significantly improved, 3D Printer a laser head or two laser heads will no longer be the main factor in distress

6. Reduce the price of the printer