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3D Printer The Practical Role

Aug 08, 2017

Although many people now buy a 3D printer, but for its use and did not go to a good study, and thus did not play the actual role of the 3D printer, the following Shang Rui electronic share their experience with the use of 3D printers, 3D Printer we hope to inspire and help.

The same kind of model, different people to deal with it after the printing effect is not the same. Print quality and parameter settings are very close, 3D Printer such as layer thickness, 3D Printer fill rate, print speed, empty walking speed and so on. Need to find their own machine to the best value.

Many people say that the 3D printer prints slowly, you want to print too fast, then print accuracy will be worse. In a word you have to set the speed according to the model, 3D Printer remember that print speed and print quality are generally inversely proportional.

The placement of the model is very important, especially the more complex model of the cantilever structure, 3D Printer the position of the model placement and the required support are closely related.

Although most of the PLA and ABS temperatures are in a fixed value (range), but different colors of the material need to heat the temperature is a certain difference, such as PLA red silk to set 210 ℃, but its black to set 220 ℃.

In fact, 3D printer maintenance is really simple, 3D Printer as long as you do not put the 3D printer a few mechanical shaft screw and the corresponding belt can be broken. The main components include a motherboard, print head, screw, belt, 3D printer motherboard, nozzle, screw is generally not bad, 3D Printer easy to go to the problem where the nozzle is blocked.

3D education, the traditional system of education under the drawbacks of the education model, this new educational model set creation, thinking, experience, learning as a whole, 3D Printer with digital products, to guide students to learn fun, to entertain Of the purpose of learning; 3D fan education to improve the quality of education in China is obvious in the students in the classroom students can touch the coolest technology products, 3D Printer learn the most creative 3D printing technology, experience the latest The STEAM education model. 3D printing development plan has been included in the national strategic level, and highlighted the 3D printing in the promotion of education and popularization.

FDM 3D printer is a 3D printing portal teaching machine, 3D Printer can be called "pediatric" 3D printing technology, the future market value is limited; 3D Printer look now, the current market, the most application value, 3D Printer the most widely used, the most mature technology or mainstream SLA technology. 3D Printer Xiao Fang 3D printer is used in SLA molding technology, so from the market value and education and teaching in terms of small square 3D printer can be called with the education industry fit the most ideal sla 3D printer.