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3D Printer The Main Features

Sep 15, 2017

3 d printer (3 d Printers) , referred to as "(3 dp) is a named Enrico Denny (Enrico Dini) inventors designed a magical printer, not only can" print "a complete building, can even astronauts in the spacecraft printing supplies for any shape. But 3D printing is a model of objects that can't print out objects.

On February 3, 2016, , Chinese academy of sciences, fujian institute of material structure of 3 d printing engineering technology r&d center wen-hsiung Lin group in the country for the first time the 3 d object can print continuously rapid prototyping key technology, and developed a super fast continuous printing digital projection (DLP) 3 d printers. The speed of the 3 d printer amounted to a record 600 mm/s, can be in just six minutes, "pull" from the resin tank out a height of 60 mm three-dimensional objects, and the same object using the traditional three-dimensional light curing molding process (SLA) need to print is about 10 hours, the speed increase for 100 times! 3D printing implements the industrialization of space.

The technology principle

3 d printing (3 dp), also called 3 d printer is a cumulative manufacturing technology, namely a kind of rapid prototyping machine, it is a model of digital document as the foundation, using the special wax material, powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, such as through print layers of adhesive materials to create 3 d objects. 3d printers are used to make products at this stage. The technique of constructing objects by layer by layer. The principle of a 3D printer is to put data and raw materials into a 3D printer, and the machine will process the product layer by layer.

3 d printers and traditional printers, the biggest difference is that it USES the "ink" is real materials, there are various in the form of a stack of thin layer, species diversity, can be used in the print medium from various plastic to metal, ceramic and rubber. Some printers can also combine different media to make the printed object stiff and soft.

1. Some 3D printers use "ink spray". Using a printer spray, spray a thin layer of liquid plastic onto a mold tray, which is then subjected to ultraviolet light. Then the mold tray drops a tiny distance for the next layer to stack up.

2. There is also the use of a technique called "melt forming", which melts the plastic in the nozzle and then forms a thin layer by depositing plastic fibers.

Some systems use a technique called "laser sintering", which USES powder particles as the printing medium. The powder particles are sprayed onto the mold tray to form a thin layer of powder that is fused into a specified shape and then solidified by a liquid binder.

4, others are using electron flow melt powder particles in a vacuum, when faced with holes and cantilever such complex structure, medium requires to join gels or other materials to provide support or to occupy the space. This part of the powder will not be cast, and in the end it only needs to be flushed out with water or air to form the pores.

The main features

3 d printing brought a worldwide manufacturing revolution, is a former parts design completely depends on the production process can be fulfilled, and the emergence of 3 d printers will overturn the production way of thinking, which makes the enterprise in the production of parts of time no longer consider the production process, any complex shape design can be done by 3 d printers.

3D printing requires no mechanical processing or molds to generate any shape objects directly from the computer graphics data, thus greatly reducing the production cycle of the product and improving the productivity. Although it is still to be perfected, the market potential of 3D printing technology is huge, which is bound to be one of the many breakthroughs in manufacturing in the future.

3D printing allows people to buy such printers at some electronics stores, and factories are selling them directly. The use of 3-d printers is limited, scientists say, but one day it will be possible to print more useful items from a 3D printer.

3D printing is critical to NASA's space exploration mission, which can be made by the international space station's existing three-to-one spare parts. The device will use polymers and other materials to make things from layer to layer. 3 d printing experiment is the American space agency is one of key research projects in the future, 3 d printing spare parts and tools will enhance space mission reliability and safety, because do not have to transport from earth at the same time, which can reduce the cost of space mission.