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3D Printer The Biggest Difference

Jul 21, 2017

As early as 3D printing technology appears when the concept of full color 3D printing has appeared, but now really realized. Who do not want to color rich? More colors reflect the different details of RoVa4D is the biggest breakthrough.

Red, blue, black, black, white, five colors through the mix color to reconcile the color you need, you can not understand, but RoVa4D will help you through the data analysis with thousands of colors. PS: If you want to print a little black seems to be no mix, three colors enough to make you have a lovely little black.

RoVa4D not only print out the good things, the machine itself also reflects the manufacture of craftsmen spirit. High-strength all-metal aluminum frame, coupled with injection molding technology to create non-metallic parts, on the one hand can make the machine durability to enhance; 3D Printer on the other hand print accuracy is very high.

In the printing process, you can rotate between the three nozzles, the different materials will be applied to the same printed object. After the existing experiments have proved that, including carbon fiber, metal material, a variety of flexible materials can be mixed printing.

Not only to print the real object, 3D Printer you can also change the color of the object you want to print. In the RoVa4D authoring platform, upload the data you want to print the object, you can change the color according to their own preferences. For example, you want to print a popular cartoon animal image, you can follow their own ideas to add color. Click OK, RoVa4D will be in accordance with the style you design, 3D Printer the integration of the corresponding wire, accurate 3D print out the objects you need.

The RoVa4D 3D printer knows what color each extruder is, and it sends the material of different colors into the mixing room as instructed, and they are mixed together to produce a new color. It has made it easy to turn any 3D model into a colorful model.

3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer (3DP), 3D Printer is a cumulative manufacturing technology, that is, a rapid prototyping technology of a machine, it is a digital model based on the use of special wax, powder metal or plastic can be bonded Material, 3D Printer by printing a layer of adhesive material to create three-dimensional objects. At this stage the three-dimensional printer is used to make the product. 3D Printer Layer-by-layer printing to construct objects. The principle of the 3D printer is to put the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, the machine will be in accordance with the program to build a layer of products.

The biggest difference between a 3D printer and a traditional printer is that it uses "ink" 3D Printer as a real raw material, 3D Printer and there are a variety of layers that can be used to print a variety of media, from a wide range of plastics to metals, ceramics, and rubber Substances. Some printers can also combine different media, so that the printed objects are hard and the other end is soft.

3D printing brings a worldwide manufacturing revolution, 3D Printer the former part of the design depends entirely on the production process can be achieved, and the emergence of 3D printers, will subvert the production ideas, which makes the production of components in the time no longer consider the production Process problems, 3D Printer any complex shape of the design can be achieved through the 3D printer.

3D printing without the need for mechanical processing or mold, you can directly from the computer graphics data generated in any shape of the object, 3D Printer which greatly shorten the product's production cycle and improve productivity. Although still to be perfect, but the 3D printing technology market potential is bound to become the future of manufacturing one of the many breakthrough technology.