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3D Printer Printing Technology

Jul 31, 2017

30 years ago, 3D printing that day, that is, 3D Printer from the light curing technology SLA (laser scanning) three-dimensional lithography technology began. So light curing is the boss of 3D printing technology. Later we all know that reprap open source technology, so FDM melt extrusion technology to the public, 3D Printer SLS sintering technology, especially as a metal sintering, so that 3D printing to high-end applications. Light curing itself also developed endless.


Light curing mainstream technology, the first generation of SLA, 3D Printer the use of ultraviolet laser (355nm or 405nm) as a light source, with a galvanometer system to control the laser spot scan, swept the liquid resin on the selective curing. The second generation of DLP UV digital projection technology, the use of 405nm light source, through the Texas Instruments digital micromirror technology, 3D Printer the selective surface light source projected to the liquid resin to cure. Which DLP technology, including the speed of 100 times faster CLIP continuous printing technology. All the light-curing technology of the z-axis direction is divided into two options: desktop type is the light source in the next, through the window and from the film, forming up to pull out; industrial large are light source, 3D Printer forming down to the liquid below , The liquid surface does not need to release film.


Light curing technology, in addition to SLA laser scanning and DLP digital projection, 3D Printer the current formation of a new technology, is the use of LCD as a light source technology. LCD printing technology, the simplest understanding is that DLP technology to replace the light source with LCD. 3D Printer We can review the characteristics of light curing technology, the core of each light curing technology is around the light source solution, from the laser scanning SLA, to the digital projection DLP, 3D Printer to the latest LCD printing technology.


Very interesting to tell you, in fact, LCD technology is divided into two, two are not the same. 3D Printer The dividing line is the wavelength of the light source, one is 405nm UV, 3D Printer one is 400-600nm visible light. LCD mask light curing: with 405nm UV (and DLP the same), coupled with LCD panel as a selective light transmission technology, LCD masking technology (LCD masking) or the industry has a lot of their names, 3D Printer such as the choice of digital light Processing (mDLP), liquid crystal DLP technology, UV mask curing and so on.

OLO printer on the user's meaning, is the 3d printer into the public consumption, as intelligent hardware. It is expected that VLC resin-based 3D printers will be more and more, 3D Printer the core feature is the use of various consumer-class display equipment, such as tablet computer screen, home projector, or mobile phone computer projector. So it is not surprising that the Tablet PC into a printer project has been raised in foreign countries.

In the 3D printing technology,3D Printer relative to the development of more than 10 years of FDM mature technology and high-end applications in the obvious advantages of SLA and DLP technology, LCD technology has just begun. Count the first DIY device in 2013 or the first commercial product in 2014, 3D Printer only a few years time, so the maturity is far from other technology is mature, 3D Printer the type of equipment is also numbered. Taking into account the development of its own LCD display technology is nearly a decade of rapid progress, 3D Printer with its core as the 3D printing technology has just started is not surprising.