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3D Printer Economic Benefits

Aug 16, 2017

Since the development of 3D printers, has been much attention. 3D Printer The emergence of 3D printers to provide a number of areas of potential development opportunities, then the 3D printer in the practical application, especially in the enterprise manufacturing will produce what kind of economic benefits?

3D printing production of pet appliances, toys, can reduce the cost of mold and reduce the time period, but also for customers tailored personalized supplies, pre-let the designer design modeling, print out the 3D model, and then modified by the customer's comments After printing the finished product. So that customers involved in the design, both an effective way to retain customers, but also to win a certain brand reputation.

 Whether it is the 3D printing industry or other manufacturing industries, 3D Printer the application of 3D printing technology is becoming the industry's innovative products, improve the efficiency of R & D production consensus, and 3D printing will be lower cost, more efficient advantage to promote the manufacturing industry intelligent upgrade.

 The impact of 3D printing on human life is diverse and complex, and for animals, the technology is not just as simple as modeling a realistic toy model. Many disabled or injured animals with 3D print prosthetics to regain new life, more and more laboratory animals because of 3D printing biological tissue replacement and get rid of bad luck.

In the relationship between 3D printing and animals, animals seem to always play the role of the weak, it is not true. With a variety of "super powers" of the animal is 3D to enter the field of bionic science and technology mentor. 3D imitation of animal imitation can protect animals, but also achievements of their own.

In the field of medical and security, 3D printing dog nose also aroused people's attention. Matthew Staitus of the American National Institute of Standards and Technology has created a detection device with a 3D printer that mimics the external function of the nose of a mother Labrador Retriever, including the shape, orientation, 3D Printer and nasal cavity structure. Experiments show that the device will be the traditional dangerous goods detector sensitivity increased by 16 times, but also for pathogens and even cancer detection.

Animals for 3D printing inspired not only in the mechanical structure, the development of new materials also benefit. Last month, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a tough 3D print material with a conch shell that delivers up to 85% strength and has the potential to create advanced body armor or helmets. There are manufacturers that have planned to apply this material to the production of body armor products.

With the people from the animal who continue to inspire and inspiration to resort to the development of 3D printing products, more and more 3D printing bionic equipment will be created, and thus promote the robot, 3D Printer Internet of Things and other intelligent manufacturing technology development. With a high degree of simulation of the technical advantages, the use of 3D printing imitation of animal production of bionic equipment, 3D Printer this idea is also a great potential market can be tapped.