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3D Printer Easy to Carry

Sep 27, 2017

1. Desktop 3D printer will become more compact, 3D Printer easy to carry, looks more stylish, a few years later it will be as easy as carrying the computer

2. Touch screen function, camera function, Internet access, automatic repair function


3. Print accuracy thanks very much, 3D Printer the printed material is very cheap

4. Most of the price control in less than 3,000 yuan, the cost is probably controlled at 1,000 yuan

5. Digital technology education popular market space is very large, the domestic market is expected to maintain more than 200 million units, 3D printers into the home, into the school will become normal, through recent news, will find that the school is now more and more The introduction of more 3D print education. 3D printing technology does not require a long time of technical training, easy to complete the incredible three-dimensional modeling. 3D printing, you can let everyone's design ideas emancipate, how to make the future of the 3D printer as popular as the phone. Behind the mobile terminal is a huge Internet technology team and information technology team. 

Therefore, 3D Printer the first to be resolved is the information technology of 3D printers in order to adapt to the future of mobile Internet and mobile information network in full popularity. At present, to try to make each printer has a relatively strong background support, there are many enthusiasts can easily develop their software upload, 3D Printer to network to a platform, automatically enter the various clouds, to the 3D printer to install A CPU, the CPU can be upgraded at any time, remote control, can automatically repair, automatic line feed, automatic and upstream and downstream supporting the combination of modules.

1. Platform, intelligent, systematic. 3D Printer The future of the industrial form must be a platform for the trend, is the integration of many advanced manufacturing technology development, 3D printing is no exception

2. The traditional manufacturing industry's comprehensive penetration and coverage,3D Printer but only the production process and production process in a link application

3. With the progress of technology, stability, precision will no longer be difficult, the material can be a comprehensive breakthrough

4. After the cost reduction will take the lead in the casting, mold and other industries a comprehensive penetration, and in other areas have been widely promoted

5. Print speed will be significantly improved, 3D Printer a laser head or two laser heads will no longer be the main factor in the speed of distress

6. Reduce the price of the printer