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3D Printer Applications

Sep 01, 2017

3D Printer (3D Printers) (3DP) is a magic printer called Enrico Dini inventor, not only can "print" a complete building, or even The spacecraft sends astronauts the shape of any desired item. But 3D print out the object of the model, can not print out the function of the object.

February 3, 2016, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fujian Institute of Material Structure 3D print engineering and technology research and development center Lin Wenshang research group for the first time in the country can be a continuous print three-dimensional object rapid prototyping technology, and developed a super fast continuous Print a digital projection (DLP) 3D printer. The speed of the 3D printer reached a record of 600 mm / s, in just 6 minutes, from the resin tank "pull" a height of 60 mm three-dimensional objects, and the same object using the traditional three-dimensional light curing molding Process (SLA) to print it takes about 10 hours, the speed increased by 100 times! 3D printing to achieve space industrialization.

The basic principles of printing technology

First, the computer-aided design (CAD) or computer animation modeling software modeling, and then build the three-dimensional model "slice" into a layer of cross-section data, and the information transmitted to the 3D printer, the 3D printer will these slices Stack up until a solid object is molded.

As for how to stack these "slices", there are many kinds of ways, the most commonly used small 3D printer is the use of liquid material deposition molding, this is somewhat similar to the inkjet printer, but the nozzle is not the ink but the thermoplastic or eutectic system metal Etc. can be quickly cured material.

There are also using laser sintering method of the 3D printer, but the processing of raw materials into a variety of solid powder.

At present, the accuracy of 3D printing technology is already good, in general, each layer thickness can reach 0.1mm, of course, some printers such as Objet Connex series and three-dimensional Systems' ProJet series can print a thin layer of 16 microns, but in the bending The surface may be relatively rough, to get a smooth object can play a slightly larger object, and then take it to polish on it.

The application of the 3D printer

Using 3D printers, engineers can verify the development of new products, the hands of the CAD digital model with a 3D printer to create a solid model, you can easily verify the design of the problem found in time, compared to traditional methods can save a lot of time and cost.

3D printers can also be used for the production of small quantities of products, so that you can quickly provide the product samples to customers, or marketing, do not have to make a good mold after the finished product, for some small quantities of customized products even The cost of the mold can be omitted, such as the film used in a variety of custom props.