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3D Printer' Application in Jewelry Inlaying Industry

Nov 09, 2018

In jewelry inlaying,moulding needs high precision.So light-cured 3D printer is needed. 3D jewelry model made by 3D graphic software will be sent to 3D printer after being sliced.The layer sliced is about between 0.05 to 0.1mm.A jewelry model will be printed after several hours'printing.


If it is custom-made jewelry, casting resin can be directly printed for casting. If bulk-production is needed,high strength resin model can be printed for achieving the purpose of mass production.

Cast pouring or casting belongs to the common process of jewelry making.


                                                   can with cast pouring

Pour into cast


After the cast become dry,put it into the high temperature furnace. 


Pour gold or silver into by heating.


Embryos are produced, and become finished product after polishing.