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3D Printed Yellow Crane Tower

Jan 12, 2019

Yellow Crane Tower, located on Snake Hill in Wuchang,is one of the "Three Famous Towers South of Yangtze River" (the other two: Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Tengwang Tower in Jiangxi).It is the symbol of Wuhan for its long history, its magnificent outlook and its imposing architectural style.According to the history, the yellow crane tower was first built in 223AD during the three-kingdom period. 

Recently, a 3D printing company created a 3D Yellow Crane Tower model with SLA uv-curing technology. Let us see in advance for it!

Working Process

1. Collect materials---- scenes of Yellow Grane Tower from all angles for the preparation of 3D modeling.


2. Creat Yellow Grane Tower's 3D model by 3D modeling software.


3. Split the model in consideration of the cost of printing and the choice of different printing materials.



4. Import 3D files into 3D printer and do molding and curing process.

5. Clean all 3D printed parts and do other post-process operation.


6. Splice all parts.


7. Color the spliced 3D printed Yellow Grane Tower.