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3D Printed World

Jan 05, 2019

With the development of 3D technology, the relationship between 3D printing and our daily life becomes closer. There is even a saying that the future world will be a 3D printed world. Now let's have a look at 3D printing's presence in our daily life.

A pair of shoes named "Solo Dance" made by 3D design and 3D printing, combine Shu embroidery and three-dimensional sculpture.


This 3D printed bed has precise overall modelling and difficult surface, which perfectly relizes its original intention of design.


3D printing has come into auto parts field, the below is a 3D printed car headlight. A tech company uses 3D printer to print different kinds of cartoon formative chocolates tasting delicious and attracts many people to take photos and tastes.


In the 3D printed villa, tables and chairs are all 3D printed. 


3D printed model house for "Future Office Room" uses a kind of special cementitious mixes as printign materials.