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3D-Printed Vases that Sell for up to $500 Look Like This!

Jul 05, 2019

Wang & Soderstrom is a Danish art and design studio. The studio is mainly engaged in the production of 3D prints of art. Recently, a series of 3D printed vases they released have been recognized by art experts.

3D-Printed Vases

When you first see these 3D printed vases, you are sure to be attracted by their unique shapes and vivid colors. The collection consists of a total of three different vases. The designers created 3D models of the vases through 3D modeling and used a special algorithm to create a unique pattern for each piece. After the design was completed, they completed the production of 3D printed vases with gypsum material and a full-color 3D printer.


Vases printed by 3D-Printer

Beautiful Vases printed by 3D-Printer

3D-Printed Unique Vases

In addition, in order to achieve a smooth surface effect, professionals put a layer of polyurethane paint on the surface of the vase to give it a perfect luster. It is understood that the 3D printed vases of the Wang & Soderstrom studio will be sold in limited quantities, and the individual price will reach 500 US dollars (about 3250 RMB). Although the price is high, for art collectors, I believe that this price will not affect their desire to buy.