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3D Printed Jewelry On Display At Milan Design Week

May 11, 2019

Recently, it was learned that Milan Design Week launched a new series called Shifted Craft, which includes seven pieces of 3D printed jewellery combined with Swarovski crystals and two pairs of 3D printed shoes. The shoes of multiple colors are directly printed in 3D. The technology is printed on leather.


The collection is a graduate of Fashion Design from the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and is one of the many innovative fashion designers who use 3D printing to create designs. Together with 15 other designers, Goldstein's work was selected for public display as part of the Israel Pavilion. Her source of inspiration for the project, like some of her previous collections, was her traditional 'ikat' technique in Japan, which was used to dye fabrics and yarns at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Goldstein's vision for Shifted Craft is to use a combination of traditional ikat and modern 3D printing, as Stratasys said, “exploring the relationship between body, form and technology.”

“In order to demonstrate the true potential of 3D printing, I want the entire collection to be “accessible” and made into finished products. Of course, with regard to the two pairs of shoes in the series, we are opening up new foundations to use this method to make wearable shoes. I can print directly on leather. This is a new feature of 3D printing technology. “We've seen 3D printed fashion items, including leather, printed materials, very similar to leather, and hybrid 3D printers, where you can carve leather, but don't actually print the leather itself.


The ability to precisely manipulate the physical properties of the fabric, thanks to the full color functionality of the J750, does not rely on the molds or tools normally required for traditional textile manufacturing methods, and enables fast and accurate 3D printing on fabrics, the physics of these materials. The features also fully conform to the designer's idea to control the design geometry of the work.