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3D Printed Earplugs

Jan 11, 2019

Recently a pair of 3D printed earplugs made by a colleage student Elen Parry drew peoples' attention. This pair of 3D printed earplugs are not only suitable for the hearing impaired, but also have fashionality and functionality.


Besides, she embeded a E1 chip reciver and a processor that could distinguish background noise and voice. Volume can also be adjusted. Anymore,HeX can reduce incoming sound when the environmental sound is too loud in order to protect inner ear from being damaged. They also offer Bluetooth support, so several users can skip the same audio streams. It means a group of people can hear different audio sources.


Customized graphene battey and other elements can only be 3D printed, and 3D printing can rapidly and simply creat them. So to speak, 3D printing is customized for it.