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3D Printed Complex Shirt, Everyone is Super Star

Jul 16, 2019

The residual heat of Fulian 4 has not subsided, and Marvel has done things again! !

3D Printing Battle Suit

Some people may think that this is a movie plot, and there is no way to do it in real life. However, with the development of technology, these technological movie scenes are no longer a dream

With 3D printing technology, although it is impossible to print a shirt with the same special features, it is a breeze to print a uniform shape.

Take Spider-Man as an example. After the release of the Spider-Man series in 2002, how many people have left a deep impression, and how many people want to have such a suit to meet the heroic dream of young people.

Yuri Schuurkes, a Dutch fashion designer, has been searching for and researching Spider-Man suits. After years of searching and research, he finally produced Toby Maguire at the cost of $25,000 through 3D printing technology in 2015. A generation of Spider-Man) original battle suit.

Spider-Man full Body Suit Completes the Renderings

Interviewed by Yuri Schuurkes:

"In 2002, Spider-Man appeared on the big screen, which left a deep impression on me. I really want to have such a suit."

"I am not a big fan of Spider-Man, but his costume surprised me. In order to get this suit in the movie, I looked around and finally got a part of it, and then I finished the whole costume myself, but I am also I didn't like it, and finally decided to start making it from start to finish."

Since then, Schuurkes has been in production, and he has encountered a problem for so many years - he can create a great outfit, but can't think of how to make this mask.

“After my thorough analysis and research, I finally came to the conclusion that it is impossible to create a mask that I am satisfied with under my available budget!”

"But the arrival of 3D printing technology gives me hope, so that I can not only adjust the design very well, it can also create a variety of models, so that everyone can wear it."

The following is the mask 3D printing process:

Scan to Get Data

Scan to Get Data

Mask Parts Print Results

Mask Parts Print Results

Mask Assembly Completed 1Mask Assembly Completed 2

Mask Assembly Completed

Mask Production Completed Renderings

Mask Production Completed Renderings

As Yuri Schuurkes said, through 3D printing technology, he can personalize custom-made suits within a controlled budget, creating masks of various sizes to create Spider-Man suits of all sizes. Everyone with a heroic dream can wear it, whether it is an adult or a child.