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3D Printing Makes High Jewelry Not Just for A Few People

Dec 27, 2018

The hardest part in jewelry making is to do a version and curving, which always needs jewelry artisans' virtuosity and a great deal of time and thought and will be finished relying on pure handcraft.This is the root cause that jewelry is scarce and only belonged to a few people. In recent years, a new pattern----3D printing appears in jewelry making, which helps to make different kinds of creative jewelry.

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3D printing, a subversive technology with high expectations, can not only change industrial production, but also change our life such as industries in healthcare, food, gift,toy as well as jewelry.

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The cost of exclusive customization in jewelry making is unbearable for common customers.Application of 3D printing, however, handles these problems, and makes private custom possible.Nowadays,personal designers are easily able to start their own career with 3D printer,customers can choose each design according to their own wishes at home, adding to personality element and memorial elements for wedding ring.