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3D Pirnter and Intellectualization

Dec 01, 2018

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution's coming,intellectualization will conprehensively launches, and 3D printing will paly a important role in intellectualization.


3D printer's application in industry is a change of traditional craft. Its application greatly simplifie tedious design flow, which makes design tend to plebification. With 3d digital thinking, it makes production more simple,helps to reduce production cost as well as improve effciency, and meets customized requirements.


In a sense, 3D printing in a innovation to traditional craft, it digitizes the graphic strcutures, and reproduce traditional craft with accurate data.


Stereoscopic printing technology combining with intellectualization enable the continuation of traditional technology, and gets innovation through technology intergration which effectively reduces personal costomization cost, shortens production cycle, and makes small amounts of customization be the new normal.