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3D Pinted Ring: Spinning Heart

May 09, 2019

In ancient Greek legends, couples put the ring on the middle finger of the other party, because they believe that there is a blood vessel that passes through the heart, so the meaning of the ring is a commitment. Now, the men and women who love each other will also give each other a ring to express their love.

The 3D designer also created a very chic 3D printed ring. They turned the concept of "Rotating Heart" into jewelry, creating a heart-shaped ring that can be worn at multiple angles. The gentle curve design expresses the endless lingering love between lovers. 


In design, the designers chose two symmetrical structures. When the two structural members are combined, a heart-shaped visual effect can be achieved from the side, which is very beautiful. After 3D modeling using 3D modeling software, the professional used brass material to complete the 3D printing of the overall structure of the ring with the industrial grade 3D printer, and then plated with 18K gold to complete the production.

This 3D printed rotating heart ring has a width of 17.5 mm. From the picture, it has a very high precision, and the details are particularly perfect. For lovers in love, the Rotating Heart Ring is definitely a very meaningful gift. In addition, 3D designers can also provide customized services based on the customer's hand.