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399 Yuan 3D Printed Sneakers,make It Afforable

Dec 04, 2019

Today, the use of 3D printing technology to produce sports shoes has become a new trend. Adidas, Nike, Peak, Anderma and other well-known shoe brands at home and abroad have launched 3D printed sports shoes. Among them, Adidas' 3D printed sports shoes were once fired. To a pair of more than 20,000 yuan.

3D printed sneakers sought after, but expensive barriers to entry

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3D printed sports shoes have the advantages of cool modeling, light weight, good shock absorption, customization, etc. They are often sold out as soon as they are released. However, the price of thousands or thousands of yuan is always allowed for 3D printed shoes. Currently only popular among rich people or enthusiasts, it is difficult for the public to enjoy the new experience brought by this technology.


Perhaps you can't help asking, why are 3D printed sneakers so expensive?

According to Antarctic Bear, the main reason is that the cost of 3D printed midsoles is too high. At present, mainstream sports shoe brands choose to cooperate with 3D printing manufacturers to use SLS (laser sintering flexible TPU powder), SLA (a light curing flexibility Resin process), CLIP (a high-speed light-curing flexible resin process) and other 3D printing technologies to produce midsoles for sports shoes. On the one hand, the cost of the equipment they use is very high, and the cost is hundreds of thousands or even millions of RMB. On the other hand, the cost of the materials such as photosensitive resin (liquid) and TPU (powder) is relatively high. As a result of the combined costs of hardware loss, material consumption, labor, man-hours, and electricity costs, the cost of 3D printed midsoles remains high, which ultimately makes it difficult to sell 3D printed shoes at affordable prices.


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Civilian 3D printed sneakers for only 399 yuan

However, a company from Shenzhen, China has made a new breakthrough in this regard.On December 2, 2019, it announced the launch of a 3D printed sneaker produced by FDM (melt extrusion process) technology under the brand Lattiz (Natex ). Its biggest innovation is the use of FDM technology to produce midsoles for sports shoes. The price is only 399 yuan, which greatly reduces the cost of 3D printed sports shoes.

The perfect combination of FDM printing technology and TPE high-performance elastic materials makes it possible for high-performance 3D printed sports shoes to be affordable and mass-produced. It is reported that the price of this 3D printed sneaker launched by Caifu 3D is only 399 yuan / pair, and there is still room for price reduction after mass production, further reducing the threshold for the public to start 3D printed sneakers.

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