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Top selling sla 3d printer's future

Jul 11, 2017

Considering company’s future development plan, chief director Zhou will be in charge of Rich-opto’s development and research jobs of printers.Zhou is also the director of Sino-galvo which has 10 years in optical galvanomters. He sets up new project against SLA 3D printing in jewelry industry including new technology research and development& products’ up-gradation. Research and development projects include laser’s optical modescanning galvanometer’s printing resolutionresin pool’s membrane technologycontrol card’s performance improvement and printing software’s route optimization, then we will promote standard and high-end two types jewelry special purpose SLA laser 3D printer.

 Top selling jewelry laser 3D printer will be estimated to promote to market in August, high-end will be promoted to market in October;We will try to make the date earlier.2.jpg