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Tips for cleaning

Jan 14, 2017

Cleaning cleaning laser printers and inkjet printers are different, here are some cleaning tips:

1, first remove the toner cartridge

2, you can use toner vacuum cleaner to clean the residual toner inside the printer, toner vacuum cleaner will be around $300, but the cleaning effect is far superior to ordinary vacuum cleaner.

3, on the other hand, you can use a soft cloth to remove laser toner particles, and can clear the toner vacuum cleaner with a soft cloth does not remove particles.

4, cleaning Corona wire, they are specifically used to transmit static wires inside the printer. Static electricity is used to attract toner to the paper, but will affect the efficiency of electrostatic dust precipitation (especially for laser printers, particularly with some vintage). Users can use a cotton cloth to gently wipe the dust, but please do not use alcohol or other solvents, they can affect the result of the printer, usually in the old laser printer, Corona wire is exposed inside the printer. If not found, indicate their location in your printer manual.

5, here you can insert the toner cartridge the computer, start the checks after cleaning the printer if the printer is working correctly.

Different types of printers have different cleaning techniques, need to learn these techniques before cleaning to prevent unnecessary troubles during the cleaning process. In addition, you can watch your printer product manual, which also provides some practical tips of cleaning.