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The Advantages of Jewelry 3D Printing

Jul 20, 2017

The Advantages of Jewelry 3D Printing

The jewelry making process used to begin with the handcraft molding which needs carefully sawing , filling, grinding, polishing and other complex operation to work out a wax model or non-precious metal model, like silver model. This is the original model for the next rubber mould making and wax items making.

Fortunately,3D laser printer was created and able to effectively solve the problems of complex jewelry objects and long production time, enormously reducing the process cycle of original model making and rubber making to finally turn into wax items. There is 3D laser printer for sale in Rich-Opto company. With these 3D printers, jewelry designers design 3D drawings in a computer, then simply input the 3D files to Jewelry 3D printers. Then the 3D laser 3D printer will automatically print and finally get the original resin models. 

With 3D laser printer for sale,it totally cuts off the handcrafted molding process and brings much convenience for the designers and jewelry manufacturers.

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