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Mar 31, 2017

Laser SLA 3D printing produces high-resolution results with smooth finishes that you cannot get from FDM printers. SLA printing used to be very expensive, and a quality desktop SLA printer can still easily cost over $3000 USD nowadays. We want to make SLA printing more accessible so that makers and creators can get the high-resolution benefits they desire without the hefty price tag.The first thing you will notice about Laser SLA printing is the incredible detail it can render. Jewelers and dentists have used this kind of printing for years to make beautiful and intricate objects, and now you can access this technology at home for an affordable cost. Laser 3D printing technology has been a great prototyping tool for major corporations, jewelers, and dentists for many years. Many other people have not gotten to use it, however, because of the associated costs. By creating an affordable laser 3D printer that gives professional results, we hope that more people can use laser 3D printing for work and for play. By opening up laser control and using standard Gcode, we believe it will empower users to create and experiment in new ways.

We use SLA for prints that require high detail or for transparent objects. Prints can be a maximum of 170 x 170x 170mm in size. The minimum wall thickness is 1mm, any thinner and the walls will lack the strength to support themselves. The minimum detail which SLA will capture is 0.02-0.2mm.