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Maintenance considerations that should

Jan 14, 2017

1, showering in the machine, the machine system and electrical control system in case of failure, equipment repair and electrical repair, non-professionals not indiscriminate demolition, move, to avoid accidents and damage to the device.

2, maintenance requirements: to be able to extend the life of the machine to ensure the normal running of the equipment and ensure the quality of products, maintenance personnel and operators should tie together should do the following:

(1) before each start, should fully inspect the equipment for any anomalies, if an exception should contact maintenance personnel will remove and then work in a timely manner.

(2) always check the rotation components functioning, adjust and repair the abnormal.

(3) operation finishes clean inspect the machine for any residual dirt, do not wash the body and work site, beware of electrical moisture, damage or electric shock accident.

(4) UV curing machines with high voltage stabilizing device, the operator must wear insulated shoes at work or floor insulation boards to prevent accidents.

(5) periodically clean the UV lamp and reflector. After lamp aging, the timely replacement of lamps, to ensure normal production.

(6) at least once a year overhaul, all driving components are removed, a thorough cleaning and lubrication back, Assembly transmission component must be maintained between the moving parts lubricated cooperation.