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From Rapid Prototyping to Finished Goods

Jul 14, 2017

From Rapid Prototyping to Finished goods

Rapid manufacturing, also called rapid prototyping,defined as the direct production of finished goods from a rapid prototyping device – used to be more a goal than reality for industry. But at present, it comes into reality.

The application of 3D printing technologies, however, promises to merge rapid prototyping capabilities with the high‐volume throughput of conventional manufacturing. Proponents believe that these processes may soon lead to the tooless production of finished goods and the mass production of individually customized parts.

“There is a lot of pent-up demand and interest by manufacturers to use 3D printing for production,” says Mr. Zhou, chief director of Jiangsu Rich-Opto Technology Co., Ltd(A professional China SLA 3D printer prototyping manufacturer). “Whether it is to gain the ability to create complex designs or eliminate warehousing with inventory-on-demand, I think everyone knows the value that 3-D printing can bring. Using 3-D printing for production will be transformative; it speeds up product design, and it speeds up business.”

By prototyping, it will gain the same propertities as traditional injection molding does. Whether you would like it to be elastrivity, or high-tear strength, or hardness and toughness, or high-impact strength, high thermal stability, good surface finish or isotropic behavior, all of these will come to life with 3D printing.

There are plenty of China SLA 3D printer providers rendering prototyping service. If you have needs to use rapid prototyping for massive production, do not hesitate to contact us!