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Brief Introduction on DLP and SLA LCD Printer Inner Structure

Jul 28, 2017

Brief Introduction on DLP and SLA LCD Printer Inner Structure

In this article, we will provide a basic understanding for how a digital light processing light stereo with a DLP or SLA LCD printer works.


Firstly, there is a resin tank or VAT to hold resin while a building platform lower down to extract the part out of the resin tank.

Then the building platform will be attached to a ballscrew that rasies and lowers the platform in and out of the tank.By the way, please be noted the VAT is consumable due to a special coating on the bottowm of the VAT, making the part able to peel off after each curing step.This peeling process is always done by a servo or stepper motor that rotates to move the VAT down and gently peeling the part off the the bottom tank.

Beneath the tank on the bottom half of the printer there is a projector for DLP Printers, or a laser light path system for SLA LCD printers to draw layers.

However, the exposure time of each layer is controlled by a software used to set up the print and do slicing.

With all these basic spareparts, a DLP or SLA LCD Printer is generally formed and able to do 3D printing.

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